Qualitative and
long-term lids

for industrial and
domestic canning

jar rings

for sealing glass jars

Quality and Experience
Over 35 years

we work on Ukrainian
and world markets

About Us

RTI Has been working since 1981

Kherson Factory of Rubber Products has been working for you since 1981 and has already gained the trust of clients as a reliable business partner. The factory is well known by manufacturing rubber product of the highest quality. We cooperate with both Ukrainian entrepreneurs and foreign partners from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Belarus.

Our factory specialises on production rubber jar rings and canning lids SKO and Twist-off. We also produce molded and non-molded rubber products, consumer goods.

You can buy canning jar lids from us for industrial or domestic canning. Also you can buy rubber rings for lids, which are used to seal glass jars.

Who we are

Kherson Factory of Rubber Products in a period of more than 35 years has not only firmly entrenched in the market, gained popularity and trust of business partners due to control and constant improvement of quality, but also reached the international level. Nowadays, except Ukraine, we work in the markets of five more countries.

What do we do

Kherson Factory is famous for production canning lids for industrial and domestic preservation and rubber jar rings, which are used for sealing glass cans. Also you can order other rubber technical goods.

Why buy from us

We carry out a full technological cycle (from cutting tinplate, applying paintwork, presence of motor transport section) when manufacturing products at their capacities. All of this help to reduce the cost of production. At the same time, quality control is carried out at every stage of production and meets the requirements and standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Our products are noted in the all-Ukrainian competition “100 best goods of Ukraine”, which evaluates the quality of products, work and service.



22 million

Of lids we produce in month




Exporting to 5 countries

Our Products

We have been producing canning lids and rubber rings for preservation since 1981.

Canning Lids

We are producing metal canning lids, which are designed for both domestic and industrial preservation. Canning lids SKO with jar neck of the first type diameter 58 and 82 mm have a perfect geometric shape. They are made of high-quality sheet metal (sheet thickness is 0,18 – 0,20 mm) with the use of certified food varnishes and enamels.

The main advantages of our products are strength, quality and durability, tightness and safety, the possibility of multi-color lithography, a wide range of use for the intended purpose, the possibility of quality control due to technical documentation and production technology.

Rubber Canning Jar Rings

Rubber rings for lids, which we produce at the Kherson Factory of Rubber Products, meet all quality standards. Rubber canning ring VK-I-82, VK-I-58 is a rubber ring used for sealing glass cans, when they are closed with metal lids by crimping.

They are made of strong rubber and intended for industrial and domestic canning. Our product distinguishes by strength, availability of normative and technical documentation, compliance with standards. It is here where you will find the optimal price/quality ratio.